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The law in Cyprus

  • The Protection of Health (Smoking) Unified Laws (2002-2004) ban smoking on all public transport vehicles, including taxis, as well as private cars that carry passengers below 16 years old.
  • Smoking is banned in hospitals and healthcare establishments, schools, and in all public places, including theatres, cinemas, museums, libraries and food places.
  • Smoking is also prohibited in restaurants, taverns, cafes and coffee shops, but owners may provide ventilated, designated smoking areas. In establishments where more than one rooms are available, the owner can allow smokers to use one of them, provided it is well ventilated.

Trespassers in all the above cases are penalized with a fine not exceeding CYP 1000 (approximately €1,710), or an imprisonment for 6 months or both.

In workplaces the right of the non-smoker to work in a smoke-free environment must be observed, and employers are required to put this in writing. With regard to smoking in places of work, the law provides that every employer, in consultation with his/her employees or their representatives draw up and post on walls regulations that provide that those who do not smoke are protected from the smoke of others, during their working time. Trespassers are penalized with a fine or jail or both.

It is an offence to supply tobacco to persons under 18 years of age.