uk: A statement from the German Chancellor

The following quote by Angela Merkel wa taken from the Plainfacts website, which I understand is run on behalf of an finance by The Japan Tobacco International..

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de: Ein Statement der deutschen Bundeskanzlerin

Das folgende Angebot von Angela Merkel, wurde von der PlaneFacts Seite aufgegriffen, welche, soviel Wir verstehen, im Namen von JTI d.h. Japan Tobacco International sowohl geführt, als auch finanziert wird..

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What happens when you try to give up tobacco or cigarettes?

When you try to quit smoking, you will get withdrawal symptoms..

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Nicotine is very addictive

When tobacco products are used, nicotine is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. 10 seconds after entering your body, nicotine reaches your brain. This causes the brain to release adrenaline, giving the user a buzz of pleasure and energy…

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The effects of smoking

All these components are in particular:

  • Vascular function: smoking increases blood pressure, increases heart rate and damages arteries. The risks and deaths from coronary heart attack is twice as high in smokers;
  • Respiratory function: smokers are exposed to disturbances in the whole respiratory system, including the risk of chronic bronchitis and the risk of lung cancer….

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More effort to reduce harm from tobacco

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of disease and early death in England. It costs taxpayers, through the NHS, over £7 billion every year.
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Get more than you thought!

Every cigarette can give you more than you thought!
Not just more – but – Lots more!
Even more than you can imagine
There is hardly a part of the body a cigarette wont reach!
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