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Greece has implemented smoking bans in specific public places, but allow for special smoking areas.

Smoking is prohibited in all means of public transport — including taxis — hospitals, schools, universities, public sector buildings, all work areas, airports, train and bus stations, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies. All buildings to which the ban applies must be equipped with smoking rooms for the exclusive use of workers and, in the case of universities, students.

On November 8, 2008, Greek parliament approved a ban on smoking in all indoor public places, including all restaurants, bars and public transport offices, hospitals and on all forms of public transport from July 1, 2009. The restrictions will also apply in all outlets that produce and sell food. According to the new law, there will be designated areas set aside for smokers in offices.

Individuals would be fined as much as €300, or $467, for smoking in public places. It will also impose a fine of 1,000 euros on the owners and managers of bars and nightclubs that fail to respect the restrictions. Repeat offenders will face fines of up to 20,000 euros and have their licenses revoked. Similar fines are foreseen for those caught selling cigarettes to minors.

Greece prohibits tobacco purchase by people younger than 18 years old.