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The law of Portugal

Since January 1, 2008, smoking is banned in all public places and licensed premises under 100 square meters in size. Establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs with less than 100sqm have the right to choose whether they allow smokers or not. If they choose to allow smokers, however, they must have ventilation systems installed to eliminate the smoke.
Establishments larger than 100 square meters, can allocate up to 30 per cent of it’s space for smokers. These establishments must install a hi-tech extraction system to remove all smoke from the premises.


  • Hotels and other accommodation outlets will are able to provide special ‘smoking bedrooms’, though these cannot exceed 40 per cent of the total rooms available and they also have to install extraction systems.
  • The establishments where the smoke is allowed must be issued with a Blue sign.
  • Smoking is banned on journeys that take less than an hour by public transport.

An individual could be fined from 50€ to 750€ for smoking in a prohibited location. Owners of establishments can also be fined from 50€ to 1,000€ for allowing and not reporting an offender. Then any establishment providing ‘smoking’ facilities and are found not to be displaying the correct signage could be fined from 2,500€ to 10,000€.

The legal age to purchase tobacco is 18.