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The law of Romania

Since November 1, 2005 schools, health and social facilities, i.e. buildings and their adjacent areas, are fully smoke-free.

Smoking is total banned in trains starting with September 1, 2006.

Smoking in public areas is forbidden in Romania starting 1st January 2009. People are only allowed to smoke in well- ventilated rooms that are not transit or access areas. The bars, restaurants and clubs with less than 100sqm have the right to choose whether they allow smokers or not. If they choose to allow smokers, however, they must have ventilation systems installed to eliminate the smoke. At the same time, bars, restaurants and nightclubs with the size more than 100 sqm are obliged to mark out smoking and non-smoking areas if they choose to have smoking rooms and their rooms specially designed for smoking must represent maximum 50% from entire enclosed space and must be ventilated, must be equipped with fire extinguishers and isolated from the non-smoking areas. The owners risk penalties between 2.500 and 5.000 RON if they do not respect the law.

Starting with 1 July 2010, the smoking will total banned in public places included restaurants, bars and clubs.

Ban on sale of tobacco to minors(less than 18 years of age). Free distribution of tobacco products to minors triggers penalties between 5.000 and 10.000 RON for juridical entities and between 500 and 1.000 RON for individuals.