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The law of Slovakia

According to the Slovak law smoking is prohibited: on trains (except for designated smoking carriages) and all public transport vehicles, at sanitary facilities, schools and universities, children’s playgrounds, bureaus, theatres, cinemas, shops and galleries, sports premises. Smoking is also prohibited at train and bus stations as well as on platforms and bus stops.
The law requires employers to impose bans on smoking in workplaces frequented by non-smokers.

Smoking is also prohibited in all restaurants during main meals, with the exception of restaurants that have designated rooms for smokers. Owners of bars and restaurants who don’t abide by this legislation will be fined up to Sk100,000 (€3,320) or their establishment could be shut down.

Selling cigarettes to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. Selling cigarettes to minors will be penalized with fines of Sk100,000, while those caught smoking at bus, tram and trolleybus stops will be fined Sk1,000 (€33). If legal proceedings are launched in these cases, the violator could receive a fine of up to Sk10,000 (€330).