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The law of Slovenia

New smoke-free legislation came into effect in August 2007. Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places and workplaces, including bars and restaurants, public transport, healthcare and educational facilities (including outside buildings), sports and recreational facilities. Smoking is banned in all public places, except in smoking rooms that can be installed in hotels, restaurants, psychiatric hospitals or prisons. Smoking rooms are not allowed in hospitals (except psychiatric hospitals), schools or universities.
Workplaces can have designated smoking rooms or smoking cabins if the employer permits them.
Smoking rooms are allowed in bars and restaurants under strict conditions – they must be completely separate, ventilated, and no food or drink can be served.
  • The sale of tobacco products to teenagers under 18 is banned.
  • People, who smoke in smoke-free places will face a 125 euro fine.
In cases of serious, repeated violations of the smoke-free legislation for firms, the fine can range between 2,000 Euro and 33,000 Euro.. For the self-employed there is a fine from 800 euros to 12,000 euros, . For restaurant managers there is a fine from 400 Euro to 1,000 Euro.